Fish Aquarium Services
Design, Installation, & Maintenance

Call The Fish Bowl today at (941) 320-4171 


Custom Designed and Installed Fish Tank with
Varieties of Coral and Tropical Fish for Sarasota, FL

Custom fish tank designs for your home or office that are professionally installed and can also be put on a maintenance plan to provide a long lasting and high quality fish tank for years to come. We are the experts in choosing the perfect variety of fish, such as tropical fish, to match with different types of coral. It is important to get the right match as well as choose the perfect types of fish and coral that you are looking for to accommodate the location of the fish aquarium in your home or office. Fish tanks are a great asset to any office, making the room more inviting and appealing with the beauty and calming affect a perfectly laid out and maintained fish tank or fish aquarium. Call The Fish Bowl today for more information to get your own custom fish tank designed and installed for your home or office in Sarasota, Florida.


About thefishbowlsarasota

For the past 25 years I have been building and caring for fish in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice. I have been building and maintaining aquariums for 25 years and have experienced firsthand knowledge on what it takes to build and maintain a beautiful aquarium.

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